The Carroll County Sheriff Department invites you to review a presentation on the Facts About a New Carroll County, IA Law Enforcement Center. The presentation is in PDF format, and if you have any questions, please contact the Sheriff or Board of Supervisors. The Facts About a New Carroll County, IA Law Enforcement Center , JAIL TOURS

The  Sheriff's Department provides a variety of law enforcement related services to all citizens of the county. In addition to patrolling the county roads for traffic enforcement and responding to emergencies, the Deputies conduct investigations, act to serve legal papers in the civil law process, and provide education in law enforcement and public safety.

Duties of the Sheriff

The Sheriff is the county's principal peace officer for the unincorporated areas who is elected every four years. The Sheriff’s Office is made up of the following primary areas of responsibility:

  • Patrol: The Sheriff & Deputies are the police force for residents of the unincorporated areas of the county, and provide contracted law enforcement for the cities of Arcadia, Breda, Dedham, Glidden, Halbur,  Lanesboro, Lidderdale, Ralston, Templeton and Willey. The Sheriff's Office handles all routine and emergency calls for these areas, and regularly patrols all areas of the county. They also provide security at special events in the county.
  • Jail: The Sheriff oversees a Jail that has the capacity to handle 14 inmates.
  • Records: Maintains all the records for individuals that are booked into the jail, officer’s investigative reports, and issues permits to acquire and carry handguns.
  • Civil: The Sheriff is responsible to execute and serve writs and other legal process documents including Sheriff’s Sales, subpoenas, and garnishments.
  • Investigate: Deputies are responsible for handling more in depth investigations that may require additional specialized training such as burglary, robbery, sexual assault, fraud, murder, and arson.
  • Reserves: This is a division of volunteer Deputy Sheriffs that assist the full time Deputies and the Sheriff in many different ways, including patrol, traffic control, security or any other area that is deemed necessary.